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IXXI is printed on high-quality synthetic paper with a matte finish. The cards are 0.33mms thick, do not warp and are water and UV resistant. Your IXXI is custom-made quality.

Prices and shipment
IXXI is available from € 29,95 (40 x 60 cm / 6 cards). The price of your IXXI is instantly shown in the first step of the design tool. Shipment starts at € 3,95 and your IXXI will be home delivered within 3 - 5 working days!

About IXXI
With IXXI you can easily create your own personal wall decoration in any size you want. This high-quality product, consisting of cards and connectors, offers endless possibilities in images, shape and size. Affordable - ánd Dutch - Design! Check out our story here.

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  • Nomination Dutch Design Award 2010
  • Winner European Design Award 2018
  • Nomination German Design Award 2019
  • Winner Dutch Interactive Award

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  • IXXI is sustainable
  • IXXI manufactures ethically
  • IXXI values good relationships

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Customer service

Frequently asked questions

  • Product information
    • Material

      The IXXI cards are 0.3 mm thick and are made of high-quality synthetic paper. This material is water proof, UV resistant and does not tear or warp.

      The print can however discolor when it is frequently exposed to UV-light.

    • Format Cards

      The cards are available in the following formats:

      Collage: 20x20cm or 10x10cm

      Enlargement: 20x20cm

      Pixel: 14x14cm or 10x10cm

      Due to cutting margins and available tools, it is not possible to combine 10-10cm and 20-20cm cards within one IXXI Collage.

    • Fixed format

      The fixed format IXXIs have a fixed size and colour tools and can be ordered without entering the IXXI module.

      Straight from our stock to your home! They are marked with a "fixed format" logo in IXXIs collection. Some Direct Order IXXIs include an extra touch such as double-sided prints.

      The fixed format IXXI's are only available in the sizes offered (which means they can also be returned in original and unclicked condition in the packaging).

    • Cleaning

      We advise to clean your IXXI with a dry or slightly wet cloth.

      Note: dot gently over the material. If you press too hard during cleaning, the ink can fade. It is important not to make a rubbing motion.

  • Hang up
    • Hang up

      When you are going to hang the IXXI, we recommend that you read the manual carefully beforehand. Lost the manual? View the demo or manual here.

      TIP: do you have a dark IXXI? Use gloves while clicking your IXXI together to avoid fingerprints.

      Do you have an IXXI with a transparent hanging strip? Then it works slightly differently. Click here for the demo.

    • Remove

      IXXI cards are created from strong material that does not crease. When removing the card connectors they are not damaged if you use light pressure.

      The tesa® Powerstrip sticks to the top layer (e.g. stucco) of your wall. Part of the tesa® Powerstrip sticks out under the Mono. Carefully remove the tesa® Powerstrip and pull it down slowly and gently, instead of towards you. Hold the Mono in place with your other hand.


    • Surface / type of wall

      The Tesa* Powerstrips adhere best to a smooth, clean, hard and non-porous surface. Additional use of the drawing pins also makes the hanging system suitable for rough plaster, textured paint or vinyl wallpaper.

      Please note: interaction can occur between the wall and the Tesa* Powerstrips, so that the powerstrips do not adhere. This happens on greasy walls or walls with silicon paint. Recently painted or plastered walls may affect adhesiveness. We recommend waiting at least 4-6 weeks after painting before hanging your IXXI.

      Rough wall / Spachtelputz plaster: besides the Tesa* Powerstrips supplied, Tesa* Powerstrips for plaster are also available. These strips adhere better to these types of walls and can be purchased in various DIY stores.

    • Alternative hanging methods

      As an alternative to the hanging tool, you could also choose to mount the IXXI to a thin wooden strip. Drill holes and screw the strip to the wall, then mount the Mono to the strip using the hanging tool as described in the instructions.

    • Bubbles / not flat

      Have you hung your IXXI and now find bubbles visible? They occur when the IXXI is not hanging straight. This can happen if the difference is only 1 mm. We recommend that you rehang the IXXI. To do this, you'll need new Tesa* Powerstrips

    • Reusing / rehanging

      If you want to give your IXXI a new spot, you will need to remove the Tesa* Powerstrips from the monos - they can only be used once. The Hanging Kit contains Tesa* Powerstrips, monos, a hanging tool, drawing pins and a click tool - everything you need to rehang an IXXI on your wall.

      Do you also need X-tools and I-tools to connect the cards? Then choose the Tool Kit. This Kit contains all the tools you need to connect the cards and to fix them on the wall.

      Tip: when you order an IXXI you can order extra Tesa* Powerstrips via the Pop-up in the module. This enables you to hang or reposition your IXXI easily.

    • Hanging your IXXI outside

      Each IXXI is suitable for hanging outside. The cards are made from high-quality synthetic matt material. This material is waterproof, UV-resistant and does not tear or warp. If you also secure the bottom of the IXXI with monos, you don't need to worry about it blowing away.

      You can choose for the Outdoor kit if you want to hang your IXXI outside. This kit contains 5 screws and 5 plugs. You alternately attach a Powerstrip and a screw. Here you can see how to attach your IXXI outside.

      Note: Frequent exposure to UV light can affect the print over time.

  • Expand and exchange
    • Expand

      Want to expand your IXXI Collage with new photos? The best way is to design a new IXXI. You'll receive the tools required to click the cards together and to your current IXXI.

      Watch the demo here to see how to do this.

      Does your IXXI have a transparent hanging strip? Then carefully remove it so that only the Monos are left hanging on the wall. Next, use your hanging tool to expand the number of Monos on the wall.

      Please note: Combining the 10x10 cm and 20x20 cm cards in 1 collage is not possible!

    • Exchange

      Want to exchange your 'old' photo for a new one? Ordering individual cards is possible. They are available for your own personal images or images from IXXI's collection.

      The Original cards, 20x20cm, are available from 1 card for €7.95.

      The Mini cards, 10x10cm, are available from 2 cards for €7.95.

      You can find Hanging Kits and Tool Kits under Tools & Extras.

  • Gift cards
    • Validity

      An IXXI gift card is valid for three years. This applies to e-mail gift cards as well as postal gift cards.

    • Use Giftcards several times

      Sure you can! In case you’ve spent less than the amount on the gift card, the remaining amount will still be available. You can just use the code for a next order.

    • Redeem multiple gift codes

      Do you have multiple gift cards? Not a problem! You have the option to enter multiple gift codes during payment.

  • Making module
    • Demo module

      Watch the step-by-step demo here to learn how the IXXI module works.

      The module consists of four steps:

      1. Choose your format

      2. Select your photos then drag and drop them into the IXXI 

      3. Personalise your IXXI using different editing options (filters-frames-zoom in/drag & drop)

      4. Choose the colour tools 

    • Filters / Frames / Zoom-In / Drag & Drop

      When you double click on the relevant photo in the module, the 'edit' button turns blue. Clicking on it takes you another step 'deeper' into the module. You can zoom in and drag & drop the photo here.  You can also choose Filters and Frames. Please note: If you're still going to exchange and modify your photos then the filters and frames will be lost. So we advise using these options last. 

  • Image quality
    • Technical quality

      You can use the following image formats to create an IXXI: jpeg, jpg and png.

      Quality requirements enlargement

      Enlargements are possible with 20x20 cm cards. For the best results, use an image that has between 500 and 1000 pixels for each card. For example: If your image is five cards wide (100 cm, each card measuring 20 cm x 20 cm), then the image should be between 2,500 and 5,000 pixels.

      Quality requirements Original collage

      With an IXXI Collage the same requirements apply as for an enlargement. you will get the best result when the image has between 500 and 1000 pixels per card.

      Quality requirements Mini collage

      The best result for a Mini Collage is when the image is between 280 and 500 pixels per card. If no warning (red exclamation mark) is given in the IXXI module, your image has sufficient technical quality. If a warning does occur, it means that your images have insufficient quality. Basically: the image quality of the photo is too low and the images will therefore be pixelled or grainy when printed.

      In addition to the technical quality, make sure you check the visual quality: is the photo sharp? This is not measurable in the module so you should quickly check this by zooming in closely on your PC or smartphone. 

      You'll find everything you need to know about the requirements for image quality here. Still not sure? Feel free to contact us!

      What action can I take if the module displays an exclamation mark?

      • Use a photo with a higher resolution/the original file. Screenshots and photos from Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp are automatically compressed.
      • If you have chosen to zoom in the photo, then try zooming out as well.
      • Try using the photo in a smaller size, as it is probably more suitable fir a smaller IXXI size with the number of pixels.

    • Visual quality

      If no warning (red exclamation mark) is given in the IXXI module, your images have sufficient technical quality.

      Unfortunately, we are not able to measure the visual quality. (This is also true for other photo suppliers/products). The visual quality simply means whether or not the photo has been taken sharply. You can check this yourself by zooming in closely to the original photo (not in the IXXI module, but on your own computer).

    • Black/White colour difference

      Have you used a black and white filter and do you want to reorder cards? When you order new black and white cards, they may differ from the existing cards. This is due to the color structure; to get a deep color, it is built up by several colours. In one print, a different color may predominate slightly more than in another print.

      In addition, over time, sunlight may also have affected your existing cards, so you will also notice a difference.

    • Colours IXXI / CMYK

      It is possible that you receive your IXXI with a minimal colour difference. One reason for color difference is the setting of your screen. The same photo may look slightly different with different screen settings.

      The colours are automatically converted to CMYK colours in the printing process. Due to this process and your monitor settings, (bright) colours on your screen may differ slightly from the final print. For example, they may appear darker.

  • IXXI account
    • IXXI account

      You can quickly create an IXXI account in which you can save your IXXI designs. You can easily create this under the login heading. Your design will be kept for a maximum of 45 days.

    • Login problems

      We recommend switching web browsers first. There is a possibility that the difficulties are caused by this. If you are working with Internet Explorer, a version higher than 11 is required. In addition, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome are a good alternative. Sometimes clearing the cookies and history can also help.

      If this doesn't help, you can easily request a new password. You can do this via the "forgot password" button.

      It is not necessary to log in to place an order.

  • Prices and payment
    • Prices

      That depends on two factors: the type of product and its size.

      After you’ve selected your product, you’ll be asked to provide the measurements. The calculator will indicate the corresponding price.

      The Direct Order IXXIs have a fixed size and price.

      Please note: the prices in the IXXI module exclude shipping costs. IXXI is not responsible for additional costs such as taxes or import and customs charges that are calculated outside the EU. These costs must be paid by the customer at all times.

    • Shipping costs

      The costs for shipping in the Netherlands are € 4,95 euro. For Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Spain and Portugal the shipping costs are € 5,95.

      For delivery in other countries, click here.

      Please note: 
IXXI cannot be held responsible for additional costs such as taxes or import-/customs taxes that apply outside the EU. These costs will have to be paid directly by the customer, at all times.

    • Klarna

      In case you chose to pay afterwards through Klarna, then things are a bit different.

      As soon as your IXXI has been shipped, you will receive a digital invoice from Klarna. You will have 14 days tot pay this invoice into the account number stated on the invoice.

      Through My Klarna, you can get a complete overview of invoice or payment. Any other questions about the invoice or payment? Then we advise to get in touch with Klarna.

    • VVV Gift card / Huis & Tuin Gift Card

      The VVV Gift Card and the Huis & Tuin Gift Card are seen as payment methods. You can therefore enter both codes as a payment method at "payment" in the check-out.

      You can redeem a maximum of € 50 of a VVV Gift Card or Home & Garden Gift per order. Is your gift card worth more? Then the remaining credit will remain on your card and you can use it with your next order.

  • Delivery
    • Delivery time

      You can expect to receive your IXXI within 3 - 5 working days after placing your order. Each package is shipped with a Track & Trace code so that you can follow the shipment directly online.

      Did you order a digital gift card? You'll receive it in your mailbox immediately! Physical gift cards are sent out the next working day.

    • Delivery countries

      Please click here for an overview of all the countries IXXI delivers to and the accompanying shipping costs.

    • Import duties and taxes

      Our headquarter and production facility is located in the Netherlands and your order will be shipped from the Netherlands with Fedex. Please note that for shipments outside the EU, your country may charge import duties and taxes.

      Since the costs and regulations are different for each country, it’s not possible for us to calculate the additional costs. For more information, please get in contact with the douane office of your country. If you need any additional information (for example weight of the package or material), you can always get in contact with us, please send a mail to mail@ixxiyourworld.com.

  • Cancel & return
    • Can I cancel or change my order?

      Once your order has been placed it cannot be cancelled or changed. 

    • Can I return my IXXI?

      Fixed size IXXI

      Do you have an IXXI in a fixed size and is it unused (i.e. not clicked together) and in the original packaging? Then you can return it, as it has a fixed size which is not possible to customise. You can see this from the black box with the description 'fixed size'.
      Please contact us within 14 days of receipt to arrange the return of your IXXI. Your request will be handled within 1 working day. The full amount will be refunded to your bank account within 5 working days after receipt of the return. Shipping costs for the return must be paid by the purchaser. These IXXI's are marked with a "fixed format" logo.

      Custom-made IXXI
      An IXXI designed by you is unfortunately non-returnable. IXXI makes it possible for you to design your own, unique wall decoration. You choose the sizes, image position  and select the colour tools. This creates a unique product to match your personal taste. For this reason, IXXIs that you create in this way using our module cannot be returned.

  • Questions and complaints
    • Guarantee

      If the design, material or production of the product is flawed, you are entitled to have the product repaired by IXXI. Or, if product repair is not possible, you are entitled to have it replaced by IXXI.

      IXXI does not guarantee that its supplied products can resist ultraviolet radiation or any other environmental factors.

      No warranty applies to damages arising from the incorrect use or application of the products supplied.

      The proof of purchase (the order confirmation upon payment) is the certificate of guarantee. If repair or replacement is not possible, IXXI is entitled to repudiate the agreement and to credit you for the entire sum.

    • Delivery incomplete

      Your IXXI will be delivered with the following components: 

      Is one of your IXXI cards missing? The material is synthetic, which means that they sometimes stick together. Have you checked all the cards thoroughly? They may be stuck together.

      Is this not the case or is something else missing? Then please contact us. Send a photo and your order number and we'll assist you further.

      Please note: if you order a card refill, you are only ordering the cards. No tools are supplied. Should you need additional tools then please order here.

Did not find your question?

Contact us. In order to help you as effectively as possible, we only communicate via email and Facebook Messenger. We can then use printscreens and/or links to provide the best possible advice. We will respond to your message within one working day.

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Top 10 questions

  • How does the module to design your own IXXI actually work?

    Getting stuck while designing your IXXI? Fortunately, we have made an explainer video in which we guide you through the module step by step.

  • How do I know my images are suitable for a good result?

    If you don’t see a red exclamation mark appear when using the IXXI module, your images are of a good enough technical quality. If you do get a warning, however, this means that your images do not have the right quality or resolution. In short: the image quality is not high enough, which will result in the print looking pixelated or somewhat gritty.

    Don’t forget to check the image’s visual quality as well: is it in focus? This is not measured by the module. You can check for sharpness by zooming in on the image on your PC or smartphone.

    Quality requirements enlargement

    Enlargements are possible with 20x20 cm cards. For the best results, use an image that has between 500 and 1000 pixels. If your image is five cards wide (100 cm, each card measuring 20 cm x 20 cm), then the image should be between 2,500 and 5,000 pixels.

    Quality requirements collage

    You can choose between either 10x10 cm cards or 20x20 cm. If you choose to use 10x10 cm cards, you'll get the best results if your image is between 280 and 500 pixels per card. If you want to use the 20 x 20 cm format, you'll get the best results if your image is between 500 and 1,000 pixels per card.

    You'll find everything you need to know about the requirements for image quality here. Still not sure? Feel free to contact us!


  • The online module doesn't work probably / it's not possible to finish the order / there are problems during the payment. What can I do?

    We’re sorry to hear that you haven’t been able to create your IXXI. Please try a different web browser. It’s possible that this is the causing the issues. If you’re using Internet Explorer, then you need version 11 or higher. Alternatively, you could use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome instead.

    Sometimes deleting your cookies and history also helps.

  • How and on which surfaces can I fasten my IXXI?

    An IXXI is supplied with a standard hanging system: a hanging tool, Monos, tesa® Powerstrips and drawing pins. Click the IXXI together using the click stick and cut and use the hanging tool to hang up the IXXI. Mount the Monos to the wall using the tesa Powerstrips and drawing pins if necessary. 

    You can fast your IXXI on almost every surface. Besides the accessory tesa® Powerstrips, there are also special tesa® Powerstrips for textured walls available. These are called tesa®Powerstrips for plaster. They stick better to textured surfaces and can be bought in most hardware stores.

  • What about the delivery time?

    You can expect your IXXI to be delivered 4 or 5 days after you placed your order. As soon as we dispatched your IXXI, you will receive a tracking link by e-mail.

    If you’ve ordered a digital giftcard it will be sent right away to your e-mail address.