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IXXI is printed on high-quality synthetic paper with a matte finish. The cards are 0.33mms thick, do not warp and are water and UV resistant. Your IXXI is custom-made quality.

Prices and shipment
IXXI is available from € 29,95 (40 x 60 cm / 6 cards). The price of your IXXI is instantly shown in the first step of the design tool. Shipment starts at € 3,95 and your IXXI will be home delivered within 3 - 5 working days!

About IXXI
With IXXI you can easily create your own personal wall decoration in any size you want. This high-quality product, consisting of cards and connectors, offers endless possibilities in images, shape and size. Affordable - ánd Dutch - Design! Check out our story here.

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  • Nomination Dutch Design Award 2010
  • Winner European Design Award 2018
  • Nomination German Design Award 2019
  • Winner Dutch Interactive Award

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  • IXXI is sustainable
  • IXXI manufactures ethically
  • IXXI values good relationships

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IXXI loves Marije Kuiper

Behind the scenes

Hi, I’m Marije and I’m a photographer. I graduated as a graphic designer at the academy for Pop culture in Leeuwarden – the Netherlands in 2010. My graduation project, a series of portrets of all the residents of my hometown Vinkega, made me realize how great it is to take pictures of people. So despite my graphic background I decided to become a photographer and that’s what I’m doing fulltime since January 2011.
A recurring theme in my photos is people, their stories and environments. I search for details that make the portrayed person unique and special. I work commissioned by IXXI and Albert Heijn amongst others, but also have some projects of my own. I’m the cofounder of Like Knows Like for example.

Credits: profile photo by Nienke Maat. Instagram photos by Marije Kuiper.

Here are my favorites:

1. Most inspiring person.

414 Fav5 Marije Kuiper 1

There are several people in my live that inspire me. First of all my mom and dad, who dared to chase their hearts back in the eighties. They quit their jobs and bought a farm with cows at the other side of the country. Second my grandfather and grandmother, who are still blissfully happy with each other after 62 years of marriage. And last but not least Marloes de Laat and Roel Vaessen, who taught me to stay close to myself and work and create from there. 

2. Most beautiful place.

414 Fav5 Marije Kuiper 2
The most beautiful place I visited until now is Kyrgyzstan. I traveled through the north part of this country in June of this year. The nature, the people, the animals, their way of life; it was superb!

3. Favorite food.

414 Fav5 Marije Kuiper 3
My favorite dish is endive stew with fried bacon made by my mom. But the meatballs grandma Kuiper used to make at birthday parties are also high on my favorite list. Or the pancakes my grandma Voorburg made when I dropped by spontaneously. In winter I like to eat the oven dish with vegetables and mozzarella sausages from Mieke and when the weather is nice I’d like the summer bruschetta of Nienke.

4. Most treasured possession

414 Fav5 Marije Kuiper 4
Because all my material belonging are replaceable, my most treasured possession are my memories. Memories of the journeys I made, alone, with clients or with friends. Memories of the people I’ve met, the experience I’ve gained, the mistakes I’ve made and the adventures I’ve had. 

5. Favorite IXXI photo

414 Fav5 Marije Kuiper 5
I love our IXXI photo shoots and this would probably be my favorite picture until now.


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