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IXXI is printed on high-quality synthetic paper with a matte finish. The cards are 0.33mms thick, do not warp and are water and UV resistant. Your IXXI is custom-made quality.

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IXXI is available from € 29,95 (40 x 60 cm / 6 cards). The price of your IXXI is instantly shown in the first step of the design tool. Shipment starts at € 3,95 and your IXXI will be home delivered within 3 - 5 working days!

About IXXI
With IXXI you can easily create your own personal wall decoration in any size you want. This high-quality product, consisting of cards and connectors, offers endless possibilities in images, shape and size. Affordable - ánd Dutch - Design! Check out our story here.

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  • Nomination Dutch Design Award 2010
  • Winner European Design Award 2018
  • Nomination German Design Award 2019
  • Winner Dutch Interactive Award

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The 5 best tips for creating an IXXI

It doesn’t matter whether you've been to a tropical island or enjoyed a holiday in your own country: you can take beautiful holiday photos anywhere, and they quickly add up. What could be better than doing something nice with all those lovely photos? IXXI gives you 5 handy tips to turn your favourite photos into a lasting memory in the shape of your perfect IXXI photo collage. Hop hop: get started!

Tip 1: Make a selection

Make sure you’ve made a selection from your holiday photos. Which photos do you want to use for your collage? Keep them together in a folder on your laptop, tablet or phone, so you don’t have to search through the folders once you get started. You can then select all the photos and upload them to the module at the same time. Is your Instagram feed already a photo fest? You can also upload your photos directly from your social media account. Handy!

Want to know more about choosing your photos? Then check out the previous article as well.

© Kelly Nederlof

Tip 2: Determine the size

As soon as you start designing your IXXI in the module, you can determine the size of the IXXI in step 1. If you don’t know how to choose the right size for your interior it’s not a problem: we’ll give you a helping hand! Do you see the brush in the top right corner of the screen? This tool conveniently allows you to upload a photo of the space where your IXXI will hang. The photo is then used as a background so that you can see whether the size you’ve chosen is the right fit.

Tip: this tool is not only useful for checking the size, but also for selecting the colour of your wall. That way, you can be sure that the IXXI matches your interior!

Tip 3: Add images

For variety, it’s nice if you use stock photos; it could be a picture of a cactus or a nice dot pattern. This not only gives your collage a playful look but also creates a calming effect. Mix & match your own photos with the inspiration images and create a lovely variety. Is the quality of your images too low? Then read all about optimising image quality here.

Tip: Is it difficult to find the right inspiration images immediately? We’ve already done some of the work for you: in step 2 of the module, we show you our suggestions. You can add your favourites to your collage immediately. Handy, right?



Tip 4: Play with the composition

When you design your IXXI, you have an option to spread your photos or images across multiple cards. All you need to do is click on the photo/image and drag one of the blue borders. You can choose to enlarge either multiple photos or a single one in the centre. Not quite sure about which ones you like best? Then save the different designs to your personal IXXI account. Please note: make sure that you’re logged in before you start designing.


Tip 5: Edit your photos using the hanging tools

And now the nicest step in the module; step 3, where you’re going to edit your photos for the finishing touch. The following three options can be used to enhance your design: applying a filter, frame and text.

In the module you can choose from 7 filters, such as hazydays, to create a fresh and colourful effect. Naturally, you can also choose the classics black and white or sepia.

Tips from IXXI: choose one filter. This adds calm to an already busy collage. Also, write down the name of the filter somewhere. Then, if you want to enlarge your IXXI, you’ll know exactly which filter to use again.

Do you want each photo to get slightly more attention? Then apply a white frame to each image, so that it looks as if the photos are spaced slightly further apart. If you prefer colour, you can also change the colour of the frame.

When you browse through an old photo album, you often see things like the date, place and captions. You can also do this with your IXXI collage. Choose a font, colour and size for each photo caption, and you can immediately recreate the same sense of nostalgia with a modern twist.

Tip: Can’t find a nice quote in our image bank? You can always create your own quote by adding text. Choose your font and type your favourite quote. Easy does it!


Have you successfully designed your IXXI? All you need to do now is select the colour of the connectors, et voilà, your design is ready to be printed! Did you miss the previous tips and would you like to see them again? Then read the previous items.

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